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Time measuring devices: Chronometer | Fotocell | Start gate | COM/LPT port interface for fotocells
Software: Players database and time mensuration TS-Trening | Sectro OneLap time measuring program
Additional services

  • Time measuring devices:

    • Chronometer

      Chronometr Sectro Dies ist Hauptzeit maasurement Gerät. Dank seiner geringen Größe kann es in der Hand halten oder Praktika während Turnieren werden. Bietet Spielern Identifikation auf den Namen oder die Startnummer basiert. Misst die Zeit oder Geschwindigkeit. Erinnert Ergebnisse und Startlisten. Data wird an den TS-Training Software warf serielle Schnittstelle Je nach Version, warf kommuniziert mit Startlöchern und fotocells drahtgebunden oder drahtlos - warf Funkmodem.
      Time Messgenauigkeit: 0.0005 sek.
      More: Chronometer Sectro TS-L1 |

    • Fotocell

      Fotokomórka sportowa Sectro Photo-Optical Manometer ermöglicht vorbei finish / Startlinie Erkennung. Es kann auf fotografische Stativ oder an der Wand befestigt werden / Boden. Je nach Version, Mess-Gerät kommuniziert mit drahtgebundene oder drahtlose warf - warf Funkmodem.
      More: Fotocell TS-F5 | Fotocell TS-F7 | Fotocell TS-F20 Fotocell TS-F5/TS-F7 radio

    • Start gate

      Bramka startowa Sectro Mechanic device, with a long lever, enabling player start detection. Used mainly in skiing, snowboarding and cycling. Player, moving the lever causes time measuring start. The lever automatically returns to its previous position enabling next starts. Depending on version, communicates with measuring device threw wire or wireless - threw radiomodem.
      More: Start gate Sectro TS-G2

    • COM/LPT port interface for fotocells

      Interface COM - służy do podłączenia fotokomórki do komputera Device enabling connecting one, two or three fotocells to one computer threw COM or LPT port. It is a cheap alternative for chronometer. The only requirement is a PC during time measurement. Time precision depends on computer effeciency and operating system, maximally to 0,01 sec. It is compatible with our software Sectro OneLap enabling current measurement and saving results to Excel sheet. Depending on quantinity of connected fotocells, it can:

      • 1 fotocell
        Measure time or speed on closed track (start and finish in the same place)
      • 2 fotocells or 1 fotocell and starting gate
        Measure time or speed on any track (start and finish in any place)
      • 3 fotocells or 2 fotocells and starting gate
        Measure time and/or speed, including checkpoint time (reaction time etc)
    More: COM/LPT Interface

  • Players database and time mensuration TS-Trening

    • Sectro TS-Trening

      Oprogramowanie pomiarowe Ts-Trening. Współpracuje z chronometrem. Analizuje wyniki pomiaru czasu Added to our every chronometer. Expanded database for Linux and Windows operating systems.


      • Unlimited players registration using website (including e-mail verification) or manually by trainer/operator.
      • Fast creating starting list and attaching starting numbers to players
      • Automaticly ordering players based on chosen category (age, gender, club etc)
      • Sending starting list to chronometer
      • Receiving results from chronometer
      • Data anylysis, automatic or manual results attaching to players, scores archivisation
      • On-Line raports and printings, registered players list
      • On-Line raports and printings based on chosen category (age, gender, club etc)
      • Export to Excel sheet
      • We provide 12 month technical support
      • We offer free program function modifications for individual requests
    • Sectro OneLap time measuring program

      Oprogramowanie pomiarowe OneLap. Używaene z interfejsem LPT i 1 - 3 fotokomórkami Software for Windows system, measuring time or speed using LPT interface. Enables:
      Current time measurement, cancelling accidental timing impulses (when eg fotocell path is cut), copying results to clipboard and text file - possibility to work with data in Excel. Time precision depends on computer effeciency and operating system, maximally to 0,01 sec.

    Our software is included in price and added to every device. There is possibility of testing it without devices (of course limited becouse of lack of devices). Users can add new functions or change already existing.

  • Additional services

    • Individual and untypical requests - limited to technical possibilities
    • Individual software adjustments
    • Introduction to using our software and devices at client's apartament
    • Free result publishing on our web page
    • Installation of damaged power supply sockets for chronometers