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The measurement of average speed and rollover - driving courses

Tuesday 30.April 2013
fotokomorka_ts-f7_sm.jpg We offer sets of measurement so you can measure the speed of the motorcycle inrun, average speed for any distance. The result of the measurement can be displayed on the LED array size adapted to the needs - for example, 16x96cm 32x128cm etc.
The kit consists of photocells TS-F7 supplied with its own battery, enclosed in a robust aluminum housing, HR1100 radios integrated photocell housing (complete lack of wires) and HR1100 radio receiver with USB interface and its own battery power.
With proven over many years in a variety of disciplines, and the extreme weather conditions we are certain devices long trouble-free operation of the equipment in the paddock driving schools.
A set of measures the time for a designated part of the 1/100sek and presents it in the form of average speed in km / h. pomiar czasu

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