Sport fotocells

Profesjonalne Systemy Pomiaru czasu, fotokomórki, chronometry

All our products was designed for high functionality and simplicity in use. To describe Sectro TS set features, we describe all steps which occur during standard trainings or tournaments.

Preparation before training:

  1. Comptetitors registration in our database

    Trainer can manually add every competitor or share database in the internet. Every competitor has own login which allows him to browse his results.

  2. Preparing list of competitors

    This operation can be done withing few seconds, thanks to TS-Trening. You just pick competitors from database and save the start list which can be also transfered to chronometer TS-1.

  3. Hardware preparation

    Sectro TS does not need any special hardware preparation. You can pack whole timing system into small knapsack or bag.

Baza danych - TS-Trening Profesjonalne Systemy Pomiaru czasu, fotokomórki, chronometry
TS-Trening - analysis, visualisation and score archivisation


  1. Setting up timing devieces

    Setting up timing devieces is limited to marking start and finish points. On the start line you impale fotocell or set it up on tripod. On finish line you set up fotocell. Fotocell's line length can be between 4-20 meters (depending on version). Contact with chronometer TS-1 is made threw radio. Trainer holding chronometer can be placed in any place near the track. There is also possibility of connection using a wire.

  2. Competitor's passing

    Passage can be done in any order or according to start list. Trainer can see name, starting number and time of every competitor. You can save up to 255 competitors and 1500 starts. Every serie will be clasped in different classification.

  3. Trainer's work

    During the training trainer can easily move on the truck. Time measurement can be automatic according to start list or trainer can type every competitor's start number. Thanks to Chronometer TS-1 small size and wireless trainer can easily do things that would not be possible using other device. Player who knows his exact time and times of his friends has more motivation to train.

Training summary:

  1. Scores

    After finished training (or during the training) scores can be send to database. They will be automaticly sorted and ordered to the right player.TS-Trening can generate reports and juxtapositions of every player. Scores will be saved and can be used in future for sezon's juxtaposition. All this can be done with a few mouse clicks.

  2. Score analysis and visualisation

    Scores can be easily printed or publicated on website for registered users or guests.