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Automatic timing for rental/amateur skking
Our offer includes automatic time measurement for tourist use on ski slopes and other facilities. The system consists of an LED array from the LC series integrated with the TimeMasterMini chronometer and two TS-F7 photocells. The measurement takes place automatically from the first intersection of the start photocell to the last intersection of the finish photocell (one competitor on the route). The result is displayed to the riders on the LED board - usually near the finish line. It is...
Xen Coin - token Sectro on Ethereum blockchain
We are pleased to inform you that in December 2019 XenCoin was created - a cryptocurrency, a free independent medium for exchanging goods. XenCoin is listed on the stock exchange Kanga Exchange . The current exchange rate for 1 XEN is 0.00000499 ETH (etherium), i.e. around $ 0.000865, and is dynamically changing. A total of 21 million XENs were created, their number will never increase, they are divisible to 4 decimal places. Therefore, we announce a special action: By placing an order in our...
12/19/2019 - 01/20/2021
Gift Codes in December
For each purchase made in December 2019, we will send you a Gift Voucher worth 10% of the value of the order or max PLN 150. Vouchers can be used to pay for goods in our store within 12 months, or to transfer to another person who can use them while shopping.
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