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Program for measuring time during competitions and trainings
In July version 2.15 of the program for registering players, creating start lists, program for measuring competition time as well as presenting and publishing the results of TS-Training was made available to all our clients. The functions of dynamic configuration of start list reports and results report have been refined. You can now simply give column headers for all data, e.g. enable or disable player's CITY or gender on the start list. The Sectro TS-Trening program for measuring and...
Faceshields for helath care services
We have been carrying out faceshields production since mid-March 2020. At the beginning, the situation was very difficult, in hospitals, among rescuers and lab techniciansthere was lack of every protection. It is a bit better in May, but our action is not over. Thanks to our machine park, we produce safely and cheaply. 3D prints are characterized by great quality and incredible ease of customizing the model. Thank you very much to the companies that bought helmets from us. Thanks to these...
Automatic timing for rental/amateur skking
Our offer includes automatic time measurement for tourist use on ski slopes and other facilities. The system consists of an LED array from the LC series integrated with the TimeMasterMini chronometer and two TS-F7 photocells. The measurement takes place automatically from the first intersection of the start photocell to the last intersection of the finish photocell (one competitor on the route). The result is displayed to the riders on the LED board - usually near the finish line. It is...
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