Shipping & Returns

Shipping and returns

The ordered goods are sent by courier from Monday to Friday on business days. Shipped goods are delivered on the next business day, usually by 24:00

It is also possible to send via Polish Post.

The delivery date is always determined after placing the order. For standard sets or devices, the shipment takes place within 14 days of placing the order, after receiving the transfer or confirming the transfer.

Warranty conditions:

1. Sectro Timing Systems, hereinafter referred to as the Guarantor, provides a guarantee for the smooth operation of the equipment.
2. The warranty is granted for a specified period, counted from the date of product release. The warranty period is specified for each product separately.
3. Under the warranty, the guarantor undertakes to free removal of physical defects inherent in the equipment and disclosed within the period specified in the warranty
4. The warranty does not cover activities such as: hardware installation, maintenance, software installation.
5. The warranty does not cover damage after sale caused by the use of the equipment not in accordance with the operating instructions, storage, maintenance or transport.
6. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from surges in the electric, telephone or LAN network. It is recommended to use UPS or surge suppressors.
7. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper assembly or installation or installation as well as unauthorized alteration or repair in accordance with the operating instructions.
8. The revealed physical defects will be removed immediately after delivery of the equipment to the guarantor's service, and the repair period should not exceed 14 days. In justified cases this period may be extended to 28 days. The warranty repair period extends the warranty period accordingly.
9. The equipment subject to the complaint should be delivered to the Guarantor Service Department in person, by ordinary postal mail or other courier at the expense of the claimant. In the case of complaints about equipment free from defects, the costs of service tests shall be borne by the Entitled under the warranty according to current website price list.
10. The holder of the warranty has the right to replace the equipment for one free of defects, if during the warranty period the service carries out five repairs, and the equipment continues to show defects preventing its use as intended, or the service of the guarantor states in writing that the defect cannot be removed. < br> 11. In the event that the equipment subject to a complaint cannot be replaced with the same specified in terms of the species (e.g. its production has been terminated), the Guarantor has the right to replace the equipment with other technical and operational parameters similar to the advertised. > 12. In the event of replacement of the equipment with a non-defective one, the Eligible under the warranty is obliged to return the advertised equipment in a complete condition. Otherwise, the Guarantor will charge the Beneficiary under the guarantee with an amount equal to the missing or damaged parts.
13. The basis for accepting the equipment for warranty repair is the signed warranty card.
14. Warranty stickers on components and other characteristic markings must not be damaged or seized. Damage to the sticker in a way that makes it impossible to clearly read the guarantor symbol or serial number placed on it will void the warranty.
15. Any changes or corrections to the content of the warranty card may only be made by an authorized person and must be sealed with the signature and stamp of the guarantor.
16. Service equipment should be delivered complete, in original packaging protecting it against damage in transit.
17. The Guarantor is not responsible for any loss of data on any medium.
18. The holder of the warranty agrees to the warranty terms by signing this warranty document.

Complaint procedure:

1. In the event of a complaint, the user is required to deliver the product to the place of purchase.
2. If the weight of the product does not exceed 50kg, the cost of transport is borne by the user. In other cases, repairs are carried out in the place indicated by the user, after prior notification of the complaint to the guarantor.
3. The Advertiser undertakes to provide the guarantor with a clean and complete device together with a detailed description of the defects found.

Right to return:

1. Pursuant to the Act "On protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product", the Consumer may resign from goods purchased in the store, without giving a reason, within 10 days from the date of delivery.
2. To make such a refund, Sectro Timing Systems must be notified in writing. Dates count as the date of notification

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